A Home To Vibrant Fairs & Festivals-Rajasthan Tour Packages!!

The cultural heritage, Rajasthan happens to be a place of interesting colors, in terms of lifestyle, fairs & festivals, traditions etc. A place with so many tales of kings & queens, a place decorated with multiple forts & palaces has much more to offer on Rajasthan tour packages. The purpose of this writing is to make you aware with the other famous side of Rajasthan apart from its Royal bravery tales. The state Rajasthan Tour Packagesof Rajasthan is widely appreciated for its vivacious and energetic fairs & festivals. Categorized in two parts 1) Traditional and 2) Touristic fairs.
Tourists from various places visit these festivals/fairs in large number to witness the long traditional legacy. Some of the major attractions which are widely popular are:-

Traditional Festivals of Rajasthan

Gangaur: The name Gangaur formed with ‘Gan’ means Shiva and ‘Gaur’ means Parvati. Married women performed this pooja for seeking blessings for their beloved husband’s. Lord Parvati is a god of marital bliss, thus ladies worships godess and crafts the image of lord parvati on this auspicious day.

Urs: celebrated annually in the holy city of Ajmer. A famous pilgrimage center of Muslims, the Urs is celebrated in memory of Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti considers as one of the biggest fairs of Muslims.

Kite Festival: View of the strangling and entangled kites in the sky’s of Rajasthan during kite festival which held annually on 14th January. Enthusiastic people can be seen in rooftops, enjoying the kite rides with each other. The whole atmosphere is so charged up with colorful designer kites floating in the air, local folks or bollywood songs playing loudly and the continuous shouts in the excitement is just mind-blowing. Enjoy the Rajasthani authentic cuisines in the midst of “Patang, Maanja, and Chakri”.

Tourist Festivals of RajasthanRajasthan  tours

Pushkar Fair: One of the largest fair for trading of cattle’s and camels is being organized here in the Pushkar city every year. Thousands of tourists visit to see the lively charm of the fair. Upon visiting Pushkar, tourists also visit other attractions like lake and one and only Brahma temple.

Desert Festival: Fair which took place in the deserted Jaisalmer sees the different forms of Rajasthani dances such as: – gangaur, moria, gair dhap, ghoomer, moria, tehratal and Chari.

Summer Festival: At Mt. Abu, summer festival is celebrated with great zest, numerous tourists get attracts here. This is the only hill station of Rajasthan state.

Elephant Fair: celebrated during Holi; and lord Ganesha is being worshipped. You can see Elephants decorated with paints and ornaments. A huge procession takes place with camels, elephants, horses, followed by folk artists singing and dancing, attracts plenty of tourists to visit this festival. The milieu of the Rajasthan is partial without its festivities. Avail Rajasthan cultural tours and enjoy the shades of the beautiful state.

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