Goan Carnival

Goa carnival is a musical extravaganza held in February month of the year. It is an occasion which is awaited by all the Goans as well as large numbers of tourists across the world.

goa-3Tour to Goa during this carnival is the best time to unfold the spellbinding beauty and culture of this small yet mesmersingly beautiful state of India. This carnival is celebrated for three days uninterruptedly. Goans as well as tourists get plunges into full joy and merriment. Colorful processions, street plays, singing, dancing and lavish floats parade are some of the major attractions of this carnival. Large numbers of singing and dancing people wearing designer masks and colorful costumes participate in this flamboyant and hilarious Goan celebration.

Goa carnival stands apart from carnivals of other countries because Goans inculcate different items in this celebration what reflect different shades of Goa. Streets are decorated with colors and seen crowded for three days continuously.

This is one of the major festivals of Goa state which is celebrated with great acclaim and enthusiasm. It generally starts on Sabado Gordo (Fat Saturday) and closes on Shrove Tuesday (Fat Tuesday) or evening of Ash Wednesday that is the first day of Lent season.

Carnival in Goa is the time of festivity offers unforgettable amusement for children, adults as well as seniors. This is the reason why everyone waits for it eagerly. The occasion provides an amusing aura for everyone to laugh, sing and dance. Other than singing & dance performances, street plays and impromptu travesties, several competitions and cultural functions make this occasion more colorful and jovial.

This colorful carnival has given a noticeable hike to Goan tourism and now a legion of tourists visit Goa from every corner of world every year. With Holiday Knock Travel Services, you can find best deals of tour to Goa – Goan carnival at very competitive prices.

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