Pushkar Taj Mahal Tour

Watching the rich festivities of Pushkar fair along with the Taj Mahal painting the world with colors of love and passion is going to be a lifetime moment. Taj Mahal is counted among the eight wonders of the world. Some Western historians believe that its architectural beauty can never be surpassed.

domestic-toursTaj, the most beautiful monument built by the Mughals and folks like to explore Pushkar fair with the Taj Mahal Tour. As far as Pushkar fair is concerned, it mirrors the vibrancy for which this gracious state is popularly known.

Sprawling annual festivities of the Fair take its horizons to another level. Portraying the spectacular cocktail of magnificent architecture and art from the bygone era, the Pushkar Fair keeps a swirl among the travelers with its splendid celebrations to make everyone wide eyed.

Camel fair is a grand event cherished with life oozing activities including such musical and cultural events, stay in the traditional camps and thrilling camel safari tours make you feel like a local. It’s a lifetime experience that hovers in the mind of the travelers.

The fair is held on Kartik Shukal Ekadasi in the month of October – November. The five day long fair is celebrated till the Kartik Purnima. Its sole aim is trading cattle such as camels, cows, sheep, horses, and goats. After the trading of cattle, they are decked up with beautiful clothes and astounding ornaments for attractive displays.

The Pushkar fair is rejoiced with full strength by the local people of Rajasthan. Camel competition gives the key contribution to lure travelers into this charismatic fair. Camels are adorned in a way for awe-inspiring beauty.

In camel competition, owners make all efforts in making their camels look dynamic and want to win the prize. The camel which accommodates the maximum number of people on its back, wins the competition.

Touring on with Taj Mahal and Pushkar Fair is going to be a unique experience of its own kind. The sheer brilliance of the Taj Mahal is consummate and monumental.

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